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The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization 2011

The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization 2011

The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) provides a premier venue to bring together researchers and practitioners working at the interface of hardware and software on a wide range of optimization and code generation techniques and related issues.

  • Date : 2/04/2011 to 6/04/2011
  • Place : Chamonix

The conferences spans the spectrum from purely static to fully dynamic approaches, including techniques ranging from pure software-based methods to architectural features and support.
Original contributions are solicited in areas including but not limited to the following :

  • Compilers, back-end code generators, translators, binary optimization tools and runtime environments; static, dynamic, adaptive, or continuous techniques
  • New or improved optimization algorithms, including profile-guided and feedback-directed optimization
  • Thread extraction and threadlevel speculation, especially for multicore and manycore systems
  • Analyses, and optimizations targeting heterogeneous processors and/or GPUs
  • Virtualization support for multicore and/or heterogeneous computing
  • Phase detection and analysis techniques
  • Language features and runtime support for parallelism (including support for transactional semantics, efficient message passing, and dynamic thread creation)
  • Program characterization methods targeted at program optimization
  • Code transformations to address security, reliability, virtualization, temperature, or energy efficiency
  • Architectural support for improved profiling, optimization and code generation
  • Experiences with real dynamic optimization and compilation systems on general purpose, embedded system and HPC platforms
  • Library and system call support for optimization and code generation
  • Solutions that involve crosslayer (HW/OS/VM/SW) design integration
  • Efficient profiling and instrumentation techniques
  • Memory management, including data distribution, synchronization and garbage collection
  • Intermediate representations that enable more powerful or efficient optimization
  • Traditional compiler optimizations

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