Inria Academy, a continuing education program dedicated to open source software

Changed on 15/09/2022

As part of its "Ambition 2023" contract of objectives and performance signed with the French government for the period 2019-2023, Inria is developing a continuing education offer on digital technologies within the Inria Academy. The institute has set itself the goal of supporting digital development by sharing proven open source software with as many people as possible in the major fields related to the economy, health, education, software safety and automatic learning. Thus Inria Academy contributes to value creation and job development.

Inria Academy
© Inria / Photo C. Morel

Supporting the digital transformation of the French ecosystem by facilitating technological penetration

This training offer is intended primarily for companies, particularly SMEs and small and medium-sized businesses, developing a job base in France and more broadly in Europe. Deployed progressively from autumn 2020, it is based in particular on software distributed in open source by Inria.

Inria Academy is a structure at the service of the strategic component of the Objectives and Performance Contract signed with the French government (Ambition 2023), this training offer is an ally towards the accessibility of open source digital technologies.

Bruno Sportisse, Inria CEO

Training given by software creators

Our trainers, scientists, creators and users of open source software, are able to deploy this transfer to audiences of engineers, developers and scientists. They are qualified to lead research and are experienced in supporting professionals in training, especially on software. This system is reinforced by Inria Learning Lab's latest developments in the field of educational innovation through digital technology.

This training structure, a subsidiary of Inria, has a catalog that will be enriched over time, with nearly 1,500 software programs based on research results. 

How much does it cost to train at Inria Academy? Starting at 580€ per day per person based on a 5-day expert level training.

This software, developed by Inria's research teams, represents a significant and constantly evolving technological heritage, which is also available to developers and companies. To meet the needs of companies and accelerate the appropriation of these technological nuggets, Inria Academy offers customized training in these software in a wide variety of fields such as proof verifiers (Coq), advanced object-oriented programming (Pharo), machine learning (Scikit-learn) or physical modelers (SOFA).

Our star software

  • Coq: proof checker, highly prized by computer scientists.
  • Pharo: advanced object-oriented programming, adopted by both academia and industry.
  • SOFA: a physics engine for multi-body simulations, widely used in the medical and the robotics fields.
  • Scikit-learn: utomatic learning, very effective in the field of fraud prevention for example.

Among the modules that will be put on the catalog under study, Inria's ten star software packages as well as software such as RIOT, Scilab or Eigen can be studied according to the needs of companies.

David Simplot
© Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

David Simplot

Inria Academy Manager