Consortium SOFA

Changed on 07/09/2020

The SOFA Consortium aims to bring together partners with a shared interest in improving the SOFA platform. Through their membership, these partners affirm their willingness to contribute to the funding of the Consortium's membership, allowing for the continuous improvement of the SOFA platform. The SOFA Consortium is administratively hosted by the Inria Foundation, a non-profit organization.

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The objective of the SOFA consortium is to create bridges with the economic world, such as finding interesting opportunities in multiple fields, including that of medical simulation. To this end, it has various missions:

Develop the SOFA code

Coordinate developments

  • Organization of the weekly meetings and the Technical Committees (STC)
  • Management of technical maintenance and community contributions
  • Generate and sign official SOFA releases

Optimize the growth of the SOFA ecosystem


  • Interact with Consortium members to understand their needs, collect their feedback for the roadmap and more generally help them make the most of SOFA
  • Inform SOFA users about the Consortium news and encourage them to join.
  • Organize SOFA events, promoting technical discussions
  • Be the central information point for SOFA, its network and develop new collaborations


  • Encourage SOFA users and developers, whoever they are, to join the Consortium's adventure
  • Communicate and highlight SOFA-based academic and industrial achievements
  • Popularize and disseminate SOFA, as a reference physics engine
  • Promote open or closed-source SOFA technologies, available on the SOFA Marketplace

Providing services

  • Technical support for any development or use of SOFA
  • SOFA training session for new users and developers

Founding members

The members of the consortium are constituted by the Inria research teams : Defrost, Hybrid, Epione, ImagineMimesis.


Zoom on the SOFA software platform

SOFA is an open-source software platform for multi-physics simulation. Like any physics engine, SOFA allows to model physical systems and their evolution, such as the mechanics of deformable solids involving collision. Developed for more than 10 years, SOFA integrates today a large number of models, solvers and algorithms allowing the rapid development of new simulations.


Hugo Talbot

SOFA Consortium Coordinator