About Inria Paris research centre startups

Changed on 13/07/2021

19 digital deeptech startups have been created at the Inria Paris center. Their main activities focus on machine learning, security and analysis, recreation and media. Find out all about their development and check out their latest news!

Machine learning

Illustration pétrole


Created in 2016, the start-up Kayrros specialises in the energy sector and quantitative information. Going from 5 to eighty employees in two years, it offers innovative software solutions for the real-time measurement of oil stocks worldwide.

Cap d'Agde

Wattson Elements

Set up following the SmartMarina project, led by the Eva team at the Inria Paris centre, the start-up Wattson Elements has unveiled technology capable of remotely monitoring boats moored in marinas. The goal of this solution, given the name Falco, was to improve marina management and security while promoting the development of new services targeted at boat owners.

Security and analysis

Analyse de malware

Cryptonext Security

The start-up Cryptonext Security markets software programs capable of withstanding the next big security threat – the phenomenal computational power of quantum computers, which will easily break most cryptographic codes currently in use. The company’s B2B software aims to become an indispensable cybersecurity tool.

Kopernic - Statinf


The brand new start-up Statinf has made a promising technological development: they are now capable of using statistical and probabilistic approaches to evaluate the run times of so-called “critical” programmes.

Recreation and media



Founded in 2016 to offer an ambitious application for real-time analysis of air and noise pollution, the start-up came across some unexpected opportunities in the world of sports two years later. It will now focus on collecting information to analyse the “fan experience”.



Launched in December 2018 by two childhood friends (Walid Ghanem and Aloïs Bazin de Jessey), the start-up Pressmium, which was incubated at Station F as part of the EDHEC programme and supported by Inria Startup Studio, has just been singled out by Future 40, the programme set up to showcase Station F’s 40 most promising start-ups.

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