ERC Grants

Changed on 05/02/2024

With 73 winners of ERC (European Research Council) grants since they were started in 2007, Inria is Europe's leading player for exploratory research in the field of applied mathematics and computer science

Each year, the European Research Council rewards researchers proposing innovative ideas. This programme aims to encourage "research at the frontier of knowledge", whose sole selection criterion is excellence.

ERC « Starting Grants »

The ERC Starting Grants is aimed at young scientists,  (two to seven years after the thesis) and enabling them to build up a research team around an original theme. Discover our successful applicants.


ERC « Consolidator Grants »

The ERC Consolidator Grants  is aimed at young scientists (seven to twelve years after the thesis) enabling them to build up a research team around an original theme.


ERC « Advanced Grants »

The ERC Advanced Grants is aimed at confirmed scientists, enabling them to propose a topic that breaks with their research activities.


ERC « Synergy »

The ERC grants enable two to four researchers and their teams to jointly conduct ambitious research projects, regardless of their career advancement..


ERC « Proof of Concept »

ERC grants are available to researchers who are looking to showcase the results of their research and to bring to the fore the innovation potential of ideas with their roots in ERC projects.