Fabien Lotte

2023 - Potioc project-team
Fabien Lotte

Fabien Lotte, winner of the 2023 ERC - Proof of concept grant for the SPEARS project, works on brain-computer interfaces by modeling learning processes.

SPEARS follows on from Fabien Lotte's excellent results achieved during the BrainConquest project funded by an ERC - Starting Grant obtained in 2016.


As cardiac signals can be analyzed in a similar way to the brain signals studied in BrainConquest, this Proof of concept aims to develop an algorithm to assess athletes' performance based on their cardiac signals. In partnership with the startup Flitsport, supported in its early stages by the Inria startup studio, this project will make it possible to estimate and predict athletes' performance, so as to offer them personalized programs.

In the longer term, this project could also lead to predictions of cognitive performance, with applications in the field of education for example. 


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