AI, frugal digital innovation, energy, digital health: disruptive European projects

Changed on 04/05/2021
May 2021 is Europe month! This is an opportunity for Inria to highlight innovative projects in artificial intelligence, digital health and cybersecurity that underline our desire to be part of a European partnership dynamic, and thus strengthen the scientific, technological and societal impact of our research work.
Alessandro Rudi

Re-inventing machine learning


Predicting the Risk of Crowd Crush


Reducing the environmental impact of air traffic

Projet européen Comprise

Moving towards a simple and secure multilingual voice interaction system

Projet Pixil

A cross-border geothermal energy project between France and Spain


Simulation for heart patients

Visualisation de traces d’exécution d’un programme

ARIA : Europe partenrship in fluid mechanics

Illustration aile d'avion

La simulation numérique au service de l’avion du futur

Our 62 ERC winners

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