inTeRnet BEyond the usual
inTeRnet BEyond the usual

The TRiBE (inTeRnet BEyond the usual) is a research team of Inria Saclay – Ile de France, located at the Alain Turing building in the Campus of the Polytechnical School, Palaiseau. The TRiBE team fits in the theme “Networks and Telecommunications” of the research field “Networks, Systems, and Services, Distributed Computing”.

The research axes of the team fall within the context of the major evolutions that the Internet has undergone in recent decades, moving from a "small" network, relatively homogeneous to a "large" network with a strong heterogeneity of equipment and associated usability, as the Internet of Things (IoT). All the specificities and emerging requirements of the Internet of Things (heterogeneity, densification, user mobility and preferences, traffic growth, the ubiquitous cyberphysical context, etc.) lead to new scientific and technologies challenges at the edge of the Internet. Our conviction is that the success of the IoT is rooted: in the network design's choices involving the equipment, in the intelligence of the protocols and associated services as well as in the capability of reaction and adaptation of the edge-core network's communication loop.

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Inria Saclay Centre


Team leader

Michael Barbosa

Team assistant