Startups resulting from the project teams of the Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre

Changed on 11/10/2021

The Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre supports scientists and engineers in the creation of start-ups in various fields such as marketing, 3D simulation and computer security.

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Drone volant dans un champ


Making drones smarter, safer and giving them new functionalities: this is Alerion's know-how. Founded in 2015, the Nancy-based startup develops innovative software and hardware solutions that meet the needs of companies and manufacturers.


molécule harmonic pharma

Harmonic Pharma

Its digital solutions are of interest to the medical, chemical, food, cosmetic and defence industries. It bases its development on that of its flagship tool: a platform for characterising and predicting the safety of chemical compounds from various sources.


reservoir geomechanical simulation Tessael


Its GeO2 geological meshing technology enables very high-precision 3D simulations to be carried out and optimised in the subsoil. It opens up new prospects for three types of industry: geothermal energy, geological storage and oil and gas.

visuels scalable graphics

Scalable Graphics

Based on the new possibilities offered by VTHD, the "really high speed broadband" in the early 2000s, the startup began by experimenting with remote image animation. In 2015, it continued its momentum with the creation of Gamestream, now a key player in the world of cloud gaming, video games on demand.

Lybero visuel cadenas


Lybero offers companies innovative solutions to secure their data: encrypted file sharing software, collaborative digital secret escrow and SDK to protect all web applications with native encryption.



As a logic and optimisation engine, Enginest helps its customers to manage and optimise their resources. It develops and markets generic tools such as programming languages and applications for managing transport, logistics, production and scheduling.


vue tranche C 3d tecnomade


This startup specialises in the creation and visualisation of real-time 3D models of architecture, urban development and decision support tools. It uses a technology inherited from flight simulators, which facilitates the understanding of volumes and proves to be an aid to decision-making, consultation and communication.


mosaique visages sailendra


It offers various solutions based on behavioural analysis and predictive marketing. Thanks to its solutions, each visitor benefits from a personalised omnichannel experience in real time. By combining its webmarketing skills with its scientific reputation in artificial intelligence, Sailendra's algorithms can be adapted to all types of sites, from e-commerce to e-health, via banking and insurance.

visuel startup rtaw

Real-time at work

Drawing on 20 years of experience in time analysis and critical systems engineering, RTaW helps designers build truly safe and optimised safety critical systems. It produces solutions applicable to the design of cars, aircraft, helicopters, satellites, power grids and industrial systems.

[Illustration] Personne âgée qui consulte un médecin à distance


Founded in 2002, the startup Diatelic has developed a telemedicine and artificial intelligence solution for remote medical monitoring and diagnostic assistance. In 2012, it became part of the Pharmagest group, a major player in digital health in Eastern France.



The Transfer, Innovation and Partnerships Department promotes collaboration between project teams and companies, as well as their participation in national or European collaborative programmes. It also supports technology transfer projects based on research results.

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Inria Startup Studio

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