Startups and projects resulting from Inria Centre at Université de Lorraine

Changed on 23/05/2024

The Inria Centre at Université de Lorraine supports scientists and engineers in the creation of start-ups in various fields such as marketing, 3D simulation and computer security.

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Porteur projet Zvote


The Vcast startup project aims to bring the state of the art in electronic voting research to the market.

Logo virtual society

Virtual Society by Cats and Foxes

Discover a social and creative simulation game based on positive and benevolent exchanges, which allows you to create your own universe and give life to your own stories.Created by the independant studio Cats and Foxes.

Exemple de visualisation de l'anatomie interne de foie pendant la chirurgie


The GPS for surgeons

Membres fondateurs de la startup Cybi


Since January, a new start-up named Cybi has emerged from the Incubateur Lorrain. It is the result of a long term work carried out by a team of researchers and engineers from Inria and Loria. Cybi provides to companies an automated decision-support tool that will strengthen their cybersecurity and enable them to anticipate cyberattacks.

Alexis Frisson et Pierre Séry, les 2 créateurs d'Arrandi


The Arrandi platform offers public research laboratories and innovative companies easier access to R&D funding by automating the analysis and sorting of calls for projects.

Lot à livre ouvert


Opening up and sharing knowledge

Salle d'acquisition des mouvements du visage et restitution sur écran


A new voice in lip synchronisation

fondateurs abbrevio


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Abbreviõ acts on the time of research and response to calls for tenders to lower the costs of access to public contracts

reservoir geomechanical simulation Tessael


Its GeO2 geological meshing technology enables very high-precision 3D simulations to be carried out and optimised in the subsoil. It opens up new prospects for three types of industry: geothermal energy, geological storage and oil and gas.

Projects that became startups

  • Alerion : solutions to make drones smarter, safer and give them new functionalities
  • Enginest : development and marketing of solutions for the management of transport, logistics, production and schedules and the management and optimisation of their resources
  • Diatelic : a telemedicine and artificial intelligence solution for medical monitoring and remote diagnosis. In 2012, the company became part of the Pharmagest group, a major player in digital health in the Grand Est region.
  • Harmonic Pharma : digital solutions for the medical, chemical, agri-food, cosmetics and defence industries, thanks to a platform for characterising and predicting the safety of chemical compounds from various sources.
  • Lybero : innovative solutions enabling companies to secure their data: encrypted file-sharing software, collaborative sequestration of digital secrets and SDK to protect all web applications with native encryption.
  • Real-time at work : the RTaW-Pegase solution helps design vehicles or aircraft for its customers: OEMs, integrators in the automotive, aerospace and industry 4.0 fields.
  • Sailendra : various solutions based on behavioural analysis and predictive marketing, adapted to all types of sites, from e-commerce to e-health, via banking and insurance.
  • Tecnomade : creation and visualisation of real-time 3D models of architecture, urban development and decision-making tools, using technology inherited from flight simulators.

Projects that we supported

  • : the company intends to offer a technology that is more efficient than those of its competitors. Its advantage: the application of algorithms from artificial intelligence, in particular reinforcement learning.
  • Naimrod : Incubated at Inria Startup Studio, Naimrod offers an innovative solution for the learning market, with a method, an algorithm and a technology developed on the Nancy campus.


The Transfer, Innovation and Partnerships Department promotes collaboration between project teams and companies, as well as their participation in national or European collaborative programmes. It also supports technology transfer projects based on research results.

For more info, contact :

  • Philippe Schaeffer, In charge of Transfert, Innovation and Partnership
  • Aurélie Djeradi, in charge of partnerships and innovative projects for startups
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