University campuses at the heart of Inria's territorial strategy

Changed on 07/12/2022

Since the enactment of the initial laws on university autonomy, the policy of the French State has been to develop major French university campuses of world class standing. The aim is to rise to the challenge of competition with the major international universities, by boosting the attractiveness of our university campuses, their leadership, and their scientific, technological and industrial impact. INRIA fully embraces this national strategy and openly undertakes to bolster the ecosystems of major university sites by means of digital technology.

Carte de France des centres des universités Inria en 2022

INRIA is currently involved in building the university campuses of the future

The Institute is openly committed to serving the development of major research universities. This new positioning is implemented through strong symbolic actions and was officialised by the signature of a first strategic partnership between INRIA and Sorbonne University in July 2021. Five other partnerships were sealed in the second half of 2021, with Côte d’Azur University, Bordeaux University, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Paris-Saclay University and Lille University respectively, followed by Rennes 1 University in January 2022 and Grenoble Alpes University in mid-July 2022.

These unprecedented agreements herald the creation of INRIA centres in the affiliated universities, through which the Institute proposes to operate its research and innovation schemes on behalf of its partners as part of a shared strategy and joint implementation.

It thus reiterates the strength of its organisational model and its impact strategy in a fluid association with partners’ models, to the benefit of all stakeholders on these sites.

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