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The University of Lille and Inria strengthen their partnership by announcing the creation of the "Inria centre at the University of Lille"

Changed on 06/12/2023
On Tuesday the 30th of November 2021, Jean-Christophe Camart, President of the University of Lille, and Bruno Sportisse, Chairman and CEO of Inria, signed a strategic partnership agreement setting out joint initiatives that aimed to build a leading site for digital science and technologies, in support to research, higher education and innovation.
Création centre Inria de l'Université de Lille
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Creation of the Inria centre at the University of Lille

Through the "Inria centre at the University of Lille", the two institutions are committed to increasing their synergies in terms of research, innovation and training in order to contribute to France's technological sovereignty, particularly in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, cybersecurity and digital health, thereby increasing the impact of their joint initiatives.

This partnership includes:

  • A stronger role in the respective governance systems.

  • Closer links between the two institutions, enabling them to operate more efficiently, pooling resources to work on major projects and facilitating the procedure for creating joint project teams.

  • Closer links between education and research, with the involvement of Inria scientists in the university's courses through the Inria Starting Faculty Positions, and the opening up of Inria and Université de Lille courses to staff, scientists and engineers from both institutions.

  • The organisation of workshops to promote entrepreneurship; Give access to the Inria Startup Studio for the startups from university.

  • Improve the interaction between the two institutions in terms of digital science and technology transfer and innovation, enhancing the influence of the site.

  • A shared approach in terms of international partnerships.

  • For Inria, in association with the University of Lille, a focus on interdisciplinary research, in particular in the fields of engineering and health.

These targets make sense in changing the name of the Inria centre to "Inria centre at the University of Lille", to highlight this strategic alignment and this shared commitment to greater impact.

University of Lille

The University of Lille, a multi-disciplinary university of excellence at the heart of Northern Europe, boasts an exceptional cultural and scientific heritage that is an integral part of the history of the Hauts-de-France region.

The University of Lille is located close to a number of major cities and capitals (Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Cologne, Dortmund, etc.). Backed by world-class transport infrastructure (Paris-Roissy, Brussels and London airports), it extends its sphere of influence to the whole world, as demonstrated by its high-level international collaborations with over 50 countries.

With 74,000 students (including 9,500 international), 7,200 staff, 62 research units and a range of courses covering all disciplines, the University of Lille is a major player in the region in terms of education, research and innovation, and is also involved in social issues.

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