Analysis-Synthesis Approach for Virtual Human Simulation
Analysis-Synthesis Approach for Virtual Human Simulation

The MimeTIC research team focuses on designing methods for anlayzing human motion in ecological situation, and simulating virtual humans that behave in realistic manners and act with realistic motions. “Realistic” means that a real human would have behave and moved the same way in the same situation. It involves understanding how real people control their motion and behave in order to design models capable of generating realistic virtual humans. The main research axes of MimeTIC target Motion analysis, Biomechanics, Autonomous virtual humans, and Physical activity in virtual reality.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at Rennes University
In partnership with
Université Haute Bretagne (Rennes 2),École normale supérieure de Rennes,Université de Rennes


Team leader

Nathalie Denis

Team assistant