Christophe Biernacki

Director of the Inria centre at the University of Lille
Portrait de Christophe Biernacki - SCM
© Inria / Photo J. Plaia

Christophe Biernacki is nommed Director par intérim of the Inria Centre at the University of Lille, as of the 1st October, 2023.

Christophe Biernacki is diplomed of the university of technology of Compiègne, holds a PhD of control of systems (UTC, 1997) with that a habilitation to drive mathematics researches University of Franche-Comté, 2004).

He is Statistics professor to the University of Lille in the Mathematics department to the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies.

His researches’ activities are shared between the Paul Painlevé Laboratory (University of Lille, CNRS) and the Inria Centre at the University of Lille where he is rattached as Directo of researche since several years.

In heart of center, he founded the Modal project team in 2010, specialising in the design of supervised and unsupervised analysis tools dedicated to the complex data that is now widely available (time series and graphs, for example), based on probabilistic approaches. The close links between its research and industrial issues has enabled the team to forge a number of partnerships in the field of 'statistical artificial intelligence' with companies from a wide range of sectors (metallurgy, energy, sport, cybersecurity, healthcare, retail, etc.). The team also contributed to the emergence of a start-up (DIAGRAMS Technologies), specialising in predictive maintenance, in which the team continues to invest by providing scientific expertise.

He also has a number of responsibilities within Inria: after serving as scientific delegate for the Inria Centre at the University of Lille from mid-2017 to the end of 2019, he has been the institute's deputy scientific director for applied mathematics since the beginning of 2020.