Cryptology, arithmetic : algebraic methods for better algorithms
Cryptology, arithmetic : algebraic methods for better algorithms

Our research addresses the broad application domain of cryptography and cryptanalysis from the algorithmic perspective. We study all the algorithmic aspects, from the top-level mathematical background down to the optimized high-performance software implementations. Several kinds of mathematical objects are commonly encountered in our research. Some basic ones are truly ubiquitous: integers, finite fields, polynomials, real and complex numbers. We also work with more structured objects such as number fields, algebraic curves, or polynomial systems. In all cases, our work is geared towards making computations with these objects effective and fast.

The mathematical objects we deal with are of utmost importance for the applications to cryptology, as they are the background of the most widely developed cryptographic primitives, such as the RSA cryptosystem or the Diffie--Hellman key exchange. The two facets of cryptology---cryptography and cryptanalysis---are central to our research. The key challenges are the assessment of the security of proposed cryptographic primitives, through the study of the cornerstone problems, which are the integer factorization and discrete logarithm problems, as well as the optimization work in order to enable cryptographic implementations that are both efficient and secure.

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