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Changed on 16/12/2021

For over 35 years, the centre has been supporting researchers and engineers in the creation of startup companies. From the original results of our research, entrepreneurs appropriate technologies to explore new business opportunities. The fields of application are vast: Agriculture of the future (AgTech), health technologies (MedTech), industry of the future (Smart Manufacturing), new forms of mobility (CleanTech). They reflect the richness and diversity of the research conducted at Sophia Antipolis.


Analyse de la marche avec Kintrack


EKINNOX is a company that develops human movement analysis solutions for healthcare institutions, that are both reliable and easy to set up. Having begun life in a project that was launched at Inria in 2015, the company is one of 13 French start-ups to be selected as part of the NEXT French Healthcare programme. Organised by Business France and Bpifrance, this programme selects the best French start-ups from the world of digital health to take on the North American market. Based in Sophia Antipolis, the start-up is continuing its development and has just announced the finalisation of a fundraising agreement with IT Translation.



Neurinnov, a joint research project between Inria and the University of Montpellier, designs and develops new generation of Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs). It has implemented a patented generic neurostimulation platform technology to provide innovative solutions to several families of severe functional deficiencies without therapeutic solutions. The breakthrough technology developed by the company will treat first quadriplegic patients by restoring hand functionality of the hand to provide autonomy.

AgTech & BioTech

Production de film microalgues


Inalve’s goal is to use a forward-thinking solution to tackle the enormous challenge of feeding livestock sustainably in a context of likely shortages of fishmeal and plant protein. Winner of the international Innovation 2030 competition, the young biotechnology start-up inalve enjoyed a successful fundraising round, giving the company the opportunity to set up its industrial pilot, initially targeted at fish farming, in the south of France.

visuel biomathematica


Specialized in the mathematical modeling of omic networks, Biomathematica develops innovative and evolutionary metabolic models at the genome scale to characterize and understand a biological process from simulation to control in order to optimize and/or modify its behaviour. In collaboration with Michigan State University, the company is recipient of a two-year NASA Astrobiology/Exobiology grant to fund research on modeling the evolutionary origin of diverse microbial metabolisms.

Edge & cloud computing



Financial analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things generate large amounts of data and require significant processing times. To meet these needs, Activeeon develops tools to automate and accelerate data processing. The startup is among the 2019 promotion of companies entering the "Microsoft AI Factory" program, Microsoft's incubator at Station F.



denimbo is a startup that develops software development tools for the Internet of Things and promotes the use of the Hop.js technology developed by the INDES Inria's team. The denimbo IoT Suite solution allows non-specialist developers to master agile development and changes to their business application from end to end, thanks to a homogeneous environment adapted to connected objects, cloud services and mobile phones.

Smart industry

Geometry Factory

Geometry Factory

Geometry Factory provides flexible, reusable and cross-platform geometric software components and expertise in geometric computing. By offering field-proven C++ components, which are part of CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library, along with expert services the company helps customers save valuable development time and focus on their core competencies.



Robocortex provides augmented reality solutions and services for industrial tasks. Products include AugmentedPro Creator and Player, to create and play task lists with AR content. Services include personalisation of the solution according to the industrial workflow, IT integration, and training sessions.

More startups to discover

  • Mnemotix: a cooperative digital "smart-up", born from the Inria WIMMICS project team, promoting and managing the use and integration of semantic technologies in corporate information systems. Mnemotis develops software solutions that ease the tasks of extracting, structuring and sharing knowledge inside communities. More about Mnemotix
  • Vulog: created in 2006 by Georges Gallais and David Emsellem, Inria researchers, Vulog is one of the world leaders in car sharing. The company develops software solutions that enable all types of fleets (electric, thermal, two- and four-wheelers) to be car-shared, for self-service car-sharing in cities or for companies in order to optimise their fleets. More about Vulog
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