Emergency department patients pathways and care optimization
Emergency department patients pathways and care optimization

For more than 15 years, emergency departments have been facing a steady increase in their number of patients, leading to long periods of crowding, defined as the moments when health care demand exceeds the department’s capacity to provide quality care within a reasonable time. The URGE project aims at developing mathematical analysis and numerical simulation tools for flows analysis of the emergency departments. Our objectives are to assess the performances of different organizations, to evaluate the impact of their evolutions and optimizations, starting from the triage step and until the end of the patient journey, in a risk-free environment. This project brings together teams from the AP-HP emergency departments, the Tropical team (Inria Saclay - CMAP, École polytechnique), the Aviz team (Inria Saclay - Université Paris-Saclay), the Dyogene team (Inria Paris - ENS), the "Observatoire des soins non programmés d’île de France" and the "plateforme de recherche Est Parisien" (AP-HP).

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