STatic Optimizations, Runtime Methods
STatic Optimizations, Runtime Methods

As emphasized by initiatives such as the European Exascale Software Initiative, the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing, or the International Exascale Software Initiative, the HPC community needs new programming APIs and languages for expressing heterogeneous massive parallelism in a way that provides an abstraction of the system architecture and promotes high performance and efficiency. The same conclusion holds for mobile, embedded applications that require performance on heterogeneous systems.

Static Optimizations and Runtime Methods. Team STORM combines strengths on compilation and optimization, heterogeneous scheduling  and parallel code verification tools to help programmers get the highest efficiency from modern computer architectures in a portable manner.


Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at the University of Bordeaux
In partnership with
Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux,Université de Bordeaux


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Fabienne Cuyollaa

Team assistant