STatic Optimizations, Runtime Methods
STatic Optimizations, Runtime Methods

The successes of computer science in numerical scientific simulation, in
data analysis and now in artificial intelligence, as well as its
ubiquity in every economic field, in every activity field, in the daily
life of persons results in an every increasing demand in computing
power, from the small connected objects to the supercomputers and
datacenters. This increasing demand confronted to the technological
constraints and physical limits of producing ever more powerful
processors, and now to the necessity of energetical frugality against
the climate challenge, results in a complexification, a densification
and an increasing heterogeneity of the computing hardware.

In this context, Team STORM (Static Optimization and Runtime Methods)
aims at facilitating an effective and energetically efficient access to
the power of modern processors and computing platforms, through
algorithms, methods, programming models, runtime systems and tools for
abstraction, optimization and analysis in high performance computing.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at the University of Bordeaux
In partnership with
Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux,Université de Bordeaux,CNRS


Team leader

Ellie Correa Da Costa De Castro Pinto

Team assistant