The launch of the BART research collective website

Publish on 15/01/2020
The first scheme of its kind in France, the BART (Blockchain Advanced Research & Technologies) research collective, which brings together the Inria institute, the Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis engineering schools and the SystemX technological research institute, has just launched its own website!

Born out of a shared desire to unite the blockchain technology research ecosystem in the Ile-de-France region, this first research collective brings together scientists, researchers and academics to work on a common theme: the blockchain.  The goal is to lift scientific and technological barriers, evaluate the various different industrial applications of blockchain technology in a way that is in keeping with societal and industrial needs , boost joint coordination and broaden the reach of their work.

The website for the BART collective presents:

Daniel Augot and Jean-Daniel Fekete, research directors in charge of the project teams Grace and Aviz within the Inria Saclay – Île-de-France research centre, are among the members of the collective, making an active contribution towards the research carried out in this flourishing field.


We each co-mentor a PhD research student, with Telecom ParisTech and SystemX, something which enables us to develop an understanding of all aspects of the blockchain



One PhD researcher is studying “contractual relations within private law compatible with the blockchain”, for example: this gives us the opportunity to assess the technology in a completely different way, taking legal aspects into account. A second PhD researcher has just started a thesis on confidentiality within blockchains.”

The dynamism shown by members plays a vital role in the success of projects backed by the collective.“Bringing together a research institute, engineering schools and a technological institute creates a real group when it comes to research and technology.”


Our PhD researchers are all able to benefit from highly active engineering support and a cutting-edge technological environment, with resources provided by the various different members



says Daniel Augot.


The BART research collective

Inria, a computing science research institute, Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis, two major engineering schools and research centres of IMT dedicated to innovation in the digital world, and SystemX, a technological research institute dedicated to next-generation digital engineering, are working together within this collective in order to develop a new research methodology based on synergy between different disciplines and areas of expertise.

The various different scientists within the collective work together, following a shared road map that is focused on six key themes: theoretical models, scaling up and monitoring tools, security, architecture, data confidentiality and economic models/management.