RoboCup 2023: attend the largest robotics and AI competition in Bordeaux

4–10 July 2023
Location :
Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux

Cours Jules Ladoumegue , 33300 Bordeaux

Changed on 03/07/2023
For its 26th edition, to be held from July 04 to 10, 2023, the city of Bordeaux has been chosen to host the RoboCup, the world's largest robotics and artificial intelligence competition. This major event enables the international scientific community in these fields to come together around a common ambition, share knowledge, showcase the latest innovations and advance technical and scientific progress.
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What is the RoboCup?

Initiated by Hiroaki Kitano in 1996 to stimulate research, the RoboCup was born of the slightly crazy and complex premise that, by the time of the 2050 Football World Cup, robots would be able to play on the pitch with humans. The aim of the RoboCup is to promote interest, practice and knowledge of the related sciences: mechatronics, IT, electronics, mechanics, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Organized around competitive leagues representing scientific fields of research, the event brings together thousands of scientists around a common ambition: to share knowledge and advance technical and scientific progress.

The 26th RoboCup is co-organized by the University of Bordeaux and its partners (including Inria), the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Bordeaux Métropole and the French Ministry of Education and Youth.





RoboCup 2023 program

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July 04 & 05, 2023

RoboCupers training

Open to competitors only

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July 06 to 09, 2023


Watch all the competitions and take part in the joint events.

Open to the public, from 10am to 6pm (until 4pm on Sunday 9th)

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July 10, 2023

Annual Symposium

Open to scientists only 



Inria at the RoboCup 2023

Demonstration stands:

In addition to the presence of scientists from Inria project-teams as competitors and participants in scientific joint events, come and meet the Auctus project-team who will be present throughout the RoboCup to present demonstrations on the stand of the University of Bordeaux and its partners. 

Robotics EduCamp:

This area of educational workshops on robotics will enable young and old alike to slip into the shoes of a RoboCuper in the middle of a competition! Understand how a robot is built, find out how it is designed and manufactured, learn how to code it to give it a series of actions to carry out in order to interact with its environment... This EduCamp will be an opportunity to gain a better understanding of robotics, thanks in particular to the contribution of scientists from the Mnemosyne project-team from the Inria Center at the University of Bordeaux, who will give a talk to 80 secondary school pupils on Friday July 07 at 12 noon.


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Focus on Naia.R

Organized on July 6 and 7 by Sud Ouest and Suez, in partnership with research organizations, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and Bordeaux Métropole, the 4th edition of the NAIA.R forum is an opportunity for the scientific and professional ecosystems of the artificial intelligence and robotics sectors to meet. This event is dedicated to thinking about the challenges facing tomorrow's society. As part of this year's RoboCup 2023, NAIA.R is the event's professional joint event.