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Changed on 20/02/2023

Inria is one of the major players in quantum information processing in France and as such has been given the task of co-leading several funding schemes: the QuantumTech programme co-leads the Quantum PEPR and the Hybrid Quantum Computing Platform (HQI). It is also involved in the work of pre-standardisation of performance measurements for quantum computers and in various initiatives aimed at facilitating the creation of fault-tolerant machines.

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National coordinator of Quantum Programme: Harold Ollivier

Associated national strategy: Quantum Technologies

Structural public funding:

  • Quantum PEPR
  • National Hybrid Quantum Computing Platform

Our role is to contribute through our research to the achievement of PEPR's objectives. We are naturally involved in software-related projects, but as soon as we have techniques that might also be applicable to hardware projects, we are pleased to participate.


Harold Ollivier


National coordinator of Quantum Programme

Preferred national partner organisations: CNRS, CEA

Preferred partner universities: University of Paris, Sorbonne Université, PSL, UPS, UGA, University of Rennes, ENS de Lyon,…

Large-scale projects in support of public policies:

  • Inria Challenge EQIP: organization of the quantum "Software" ecosystem
  • Projet de création d’une librairie de code pour les machines quantiques Project to create a code library for quantum machines

Major industrial infrastructures:

  • National Hybrid Quantum Computing Platform

Major industrial partnerships:

Examples of startup projects supported in Inria Startup Studio:

  • Alice & Bob

European dimension:

  • Strong implication in 2 European projects (EQUALITY - QIA2) + development of new projects
  • Support for the HPC-Quantics centre of excellence initiative (creation of a French node with GENCI)

International dimension:

  • Launch of a quantum field at Choose France/Choose Inria

Training actions:

  • CMA participation

Business Line « Quantum » of the Inria Academy


Illustration Enjeu Algorithmes et informatique quantiques : ZX-calculus
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