Precision Medicine by Data Integration and Causal Learning
Precision Medicine by Data Integration and Causal Learning

The PreMeDICaL team (Precision Medicine by Data Integration and Causal Learning) is a joint team between Inria and Inserm (Idesp) located in Montpellier. It is composed of researchers in statistics, machine learning, AI, as well as clinicians. One unique aspect of our team is the presence of PhD students in applied mathematics who also hold medical degrees, combining medical expertise with AI research. These profiles are crucial for enhancing the adoption, utilization, and transfer of new technologies, as well as fostering innovation development.


We specialize in developing precision medicine methods through causal learning and federated learning, ensuring the confidentiality of medical data.Our objectives include accelerating the availability of targeted medications on the market and deploying decision support algorithms with highly accurate prediction confidence quantification. We contribute to bridging the gap between fundamental research and its effective utilization, particularly through software development and by involving all stakeholders (patients, clinicians, regulators, companies, etc.)


Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at Université Côte d'Azur
In partnership with
INSERM,Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3,Université de Montpellier


Team leader

Claire-Marine Parodi

Team assistant