Patrick Gros

Director of the Inria centre at Rennes University
Patrick Gros
© Inria / Photo S. Erôme

Patrick Gros has been appointed Director of the Inria centre at Rennes University as of 1st November 2020.

An engineering graduate of the École Polytechnique and ENSTA Paris Tech, Patrick Gros holds a doctorate in computer science and an accreditation to supervise research from Grenoble INP. He began his career as a researcher with the CNRS (French national scientific research centre) in Grenoble then in Rennes, before becoming Inria’s research director in 2006. He has produced more than 100 publications, coordinated two books and supervised 20 theses.

He has worked successively in the fields of image recognition and the automatic analysis of multimedia documents, focusing on the issues raised by very large document collections and the multi-modality of the documents. On the basis of these subjects he founded the "Multimedia documents exploitation techniquesʺ team in Rennes, which he managed for 12 years.

From December 2014 to September 2020, he managed Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes research centre (previously the Inria centre at Grenoble Alpes University), which is present in both Grenoble and Lyon, two ecosystems with ambitious Idex projects. Patrick Gros represented Inria with numerous partners: UGA, Grenoble INP, Pôles Minalogic and Imaginove, IRT Nanoelec, SATT Linksium, CEA, UdL, ENS and INSA de Lyon. Patrick Gros has been director of the Inria centre at Rennes University since November 1st, 2020.