More and more start-ups through Startup Studio

Changed on 26/07/2023

The aim of the programme is to boost the number of start-ups with their roots in digital research in France and to give them a global reach. With Startup Studio, Inria has set itself the target of supporting more than 100 digital deep tech start-ups each year between now and 2023.

Supporting the creation of Deeptech startups

High-potential innovation generated by researchers and engineers is of benefit not only to France’s economy, but to society as well. From the wide range of projects involving tech start-ups that began life either within Inria or within partners of Inria project teams, key international players may emerge: job-creating start-ups that go on to become “real” companies or which go on to be acquired by existing French companies. 

Inria Startup Studio was launched with this vision in mind, the goal being to support more than 100 digital deep tech start-up projects each year between now and 2023 and to enhance the impact of Inria research. 

Digital deep tech, given the key role played by software, requires dedicated support right from the outset, while projects are still in their early planning phase. For this very purpose, Inria Startup Studio has developed a specific entrepreneurial programme, centred around the co-design of projects seen through to their conclusion. Inria Startup Studio is backed by public research in the digital sector in Inria’s centres and the major research university campuses where Inria is present