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Inria Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio gives future entrepreneurs everything they need to dive head first into the creation of their own digital deep tech start-up. Inria's goal is to support 100 start-up projects every year from 2023!
Startup Studio
The result of a partnership between Inria and Bpifrance, first announced in July 2019, Startup Studio is part of the wider framework of the Deeptech Plan launched in January 2019, the goal of which is to help deeptech startups start from research laboratories to emerge and to grow. Inria is also a partner of the French Tech Seed scouting network.


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The Inria Startup Studio scheme:

The scheme offers both funding and support. The entrepreneurs are the owners of their project, which they are free to conduct as they wish. The work done with the Inria Startup Studio and the centers' innovation teams throughout the process intensifies as the project ramps up, helping it to gradually stand on its own feet.

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The core is the entrepreneur!

The Inria Startup Studio scheme also means:

  • Solid support: The future entrepreneur is supported at every stage and on all issues they may encounter. The Inria Startup Studio team provides solid support and adapts to entrepreneur's needs and wishes. This enables them to follow their idea through to its logical conclusion and to create their startup under the best possible conditions.
  • Pre-creation funding: Inria Startup Studio finances the project owner during the entrepreneurial project construction phase: funding is provided to work on the project full-time for blocks of 6 months. This funding can last up to a year and be extended to include several other people (partners, trainees, etc.).
  • Hosting the team: Office space for the team is also provided up to the creation of the startup. The team will be hosted at an Inria research centre, facilitating links with all the strategic players. Once the startup is created, the same premises might be provided for a fee.
  • The Startup Studio committee: It is to the approval committee that the future entrepreneurs present their project, once the exploration stage is completed. Its role is to select the projects that will enter the programme each month. It is made up of professionals recognised in the world of deep tech innovation: business leaders and heads of incubators, accelerators, enterprises, universities and investors.
  • A community of entrepreneurs: The entrepreneurs during the programme are immersed in the startup world. They have access to a community of entrepreneurs - the Inria Startup Studio Community - and they are put in touch with networks specialised in the local, national and international innovation ecosystem. They can also participate to events where they can make useful contacts, such as VivaTech, Bpifrance Inno Génération and the Inria "Fête des Startups".
  • Shared resources and networks: The project owners benefit from the resources of numerous organisations such as Bpifrance, the SATTs and EITs; networks of investors and other leading French players in the field such as EM Lyon, HEC, ESSEC and the Kedge network are also open to them.
  • The commitment: Inria will exclusively license to the future startup the intellectual property and related assets developed during the construction phase. In exchange, Inria will obtain an option to take a 5% equity stake in the company's capital when it is set up, in the form of “Bons de Souscription d’Actions” (BSA).

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The Startup Studio team

Inria Startup Studio is co-managed by Hervé Lebret and Sophie Pellat. Their experience of supporting digital deeptech startups, working with investment funds and private investors and the role they play in providing strategic advice, guidance and in co-design serve to accelerate the projects.

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The Inria research centre Innovation teams

The role of the innovation teams of the 8 Inria research centres (STIPs) is to provide local links and oversee the operational conduct of the projects with their sponsors. A key function in the contact with the innovation, research and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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Business creation: a priority at Inria

The creation of new businesses by researchers or engineers is a important path to innovation and development for the economy and society. Inria's aim is to boost the number of start-ups with their roots in digital research in France and to give them a global reach. A technology start-up is a long-term project in a world of rapid cycles. First of all, it is an effective vector for creating and pursuing an innovative project with an ambition that goes beyond academic research and technology. It is also a way of putting results from research into use in applications for which there is potentially a market.


Exergue F. Cuny


Women and men researchers and engineers must be the bearers of startup projects, at the centre of entrepreneurial projects.


François Cuny


Deputy CEO for Innovation

15 years of startups from Inria