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Inria Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio gives project owners all the cards to start creating a digital Deeptech startup. A central actor of the Deeptech Plan, the Startup Studio wants to promote the emergence of startups from Inria project teams and support their development. With a goal: 100 Deeptech startup projects each year by 2023!
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© Inria / Photo Raphaël de Bengy

Who is the Startup Studio for?

Many profiles can benefit from the Inria Startup Studio program: doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, interns, engineers or researchers employed by Inria (permanent or not), employees of other French research partner institutions, project leaders (with a technology) outside Inria. A project may be carried by one or more people, but the team must include at least one scientist (researcher or engineer).

How does Startup Studio's support work?

Everything is decided on a case by case basis and according to the needs. The support of Startup Studio is declined in several branches over a period of 6 to 12 months:

  • operational support and advice
  • full-time financing of the project leader
  • hosting the team
  • financial support for software or missions
  • access to the Inria Startup network established in local and national innovation ecosystems
  • access to the resources of partners such as Bpifrance and reference business schools such as EM Lyon, HEC or ESSEC.

The project leader is responsible for the day-to-day construction of his project. He undertakes to work exclusively on his entrepreneurial project and to conduct the launch in dialogue with Inria. This translates into the signing of a maturation agreement at the start of the programme.The studio's team regularly intervenes to support strategic thinking.

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