Inria Starting Faculty Position (ISFP)

Changed on 12/06/2024

The 2024 campaign is closed.


  • - Application deadline: February 6, 2024

    - Preliminary Selection: between March 11 and 22, 2024

    - Eligibility Test: between April 8 and May 24, 2024

    - Admission: June 12, 2024

In a nutshell

The Inria Starting Faculty Positions (ISFP) are intended for researchers at the beginning of their careers.They are based on a unlimited-term contract (CDI) and associated with a teaching service in an Inria partner higher education institution (approximately 32 to 64 hours per year). The implementation of this new recruitment system meets a twofold ambition:

  1. Enhanced interaction with major research universities.
  2. A stronger attractiveness of research careers at the beginning of a career.

Application conditions

  • There is no restriction on the age or nationality of applicants
  • In line with its diversity policy, all Inria posts are accessible to disabled employees. If you need any information,  please contact :
  • The following may apply:
    • holders of a PhD or equivalent degree;
    • applicants who have gained scientific qualifications or carried out scientific work deemed to be of an equivalent level.

How to apply?

To apply, you must first create your applicant space. Positions are open in all Inria Research Centres. A candidate wishing to apply to several Inria Research Centres must submit separate applications. He or she will be able to adapt the content of his or her application depending on the Research Centre to which he or she is applying.

Recruitment procedure

  • Admissibility: First Inria checks that each applicant meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Pre-selection based on the application: the admissibility committee considers the eligible applications. After careful consideration, the committee will draw up a list of applicants who can go on to the next stage. These applicants are invited to interview.
  • Interviews and admissibility results: the applicants admitted to the next stage are then called to interview. After careful consideration, the admissibility committee draws up a list of admissible applicants.
  • Admission: the admission committee examines the applications of the admissible applicants and draws up a list of those to be offered posts.

Given Inria’s organisational structure, all researchers will be assigned to a project team. Applicants therefore generally specify to which project team they would like to be assigned in their application file. When this is the case, they are strongly advised to contact the leader of the desired project team in advance.

However, it is also possible to submit an application without specifying a host project team. In this case, one or more host teams may be proposed to candidates who are declared admissible, between the admissibility phase and the admission phase. These proposed assignments will take account of the applicant's and the teams' aspirations, as well as Inria’s scientific policy.