GuestXR, a virtual agent to assist interactions in an immersive space

Changed on 11/05/2022
Within the framework of the European Research Area (ERA), the Institute is strengthening its collaboration with its European partners. It relies on the programmes and partnerships organised by the European Commission (in particular within the framework of Horizon Europe and Digital Europe) but also, in a stronger dynamic of integration, develops actions aiming to jointly carry out initiatives and shared roadmaps at the European level.
Photographie de deux jeunes personnes allongées au sol portant des casques de réalité virtuelle


Discover European project FetProactive GuestXR coordinated by Eurecat and supported by Anatole Lecuyer, head of  project team Hybrid.

Project team Hybrid :
The research activity of Hybrid team belongs to the field of Virtual Reality and 3D interaction with Virtual Environments. Project team's objective is to invent novel 3D interactive techniques with virtual environments exploiting both the body and brain of the user. Applications of their research program are for industry (virtual prototyping), medicine (surgical simulation, rehabilitation and reeducation), design (architectural mock-up), art or videogames and entertainment. Hybrid was created in January 2013.
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GuestXR, a virtual agent to assist interactions in an immersive space

The EU-funded GuestXR project intends to develop a socially interactive multisensory platform system that uses extended reality – virtual and augmented – as a vehicle to connect people for immersive, synchronous face to face interaction with positive social results.

photo d'un homme qui porte un casque de VR et qui essaye de toucher quelque chose

What are the objectif of the project ?

A machine learning agent called "The Guest" will be created to analyze the individual and social behavior of participants based on existing theoretical models from the perspective of neuroscience and social psychology.

The Guest will be trained to facilitate different types of social interaction, including situations that may involve conflict, with participants with hearing impairments, or involving a change in attitude towards controversial topics.

GuestXR's innovations are therefore aimed at reducing conflict and cyberbullying in virtual environments, facilitating the participation of people with communication problems, and detecting anti-social behavior for example

What type of European funding does the project receive?

"For this very ambitious and highly multi-disciplinary scientific and technological project, we logically targeted European funding, under the Horizon 2020 FETPROACT-2020-2 program."


Portrait d'Anatole Lecuyer

Being part of a European project means being able to propose a very rich consortium with partners with varied and very complementary expertise


Anatole Lecuyer


Head of project-team Hybrid

Who are the European partners of the project?

In addition to Inria, the consortium brings together: Eurecat (Spain), Virtual Body Works (Spain), IDCH (Israel), Maastricht University (Netherlands), g.tec (Austria), Universat de Barcelona (Spain), Reichmann University (Israel), Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland).

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