Geometry-driven Numerics
Geometry-driven Numerics

The Inria project-team GeomeriX is devoted to the development of predictive computational tools derived from geometric insights. Our overall scientific objective is to contribute both foundational and practical methods for data processing through a geometric perspective. Our expected outcome is a broad series of modern computational tools for the furtherance of scientific exploration, allowing the analysis, processing, and simulation of a variety of data. The project-team’s focus on geometry offers a common language and tight intellectual cohesion, while promoting wide scientific applications due to the pervasiveness of topology and geometric aspects in topics from computer graphics, simulation, dynamical systems, and data science. We plan to develop numerical tools through collaborations with mathematicians and computer scientists, and then prove their practical values with the help of domain experts. Our research program focuses on contributions in low- and high-dimensional geometry analysis and processing, and simulation of complex, multiphysics systems. In the long run, we expect our collective efforts to enable substantial interdisciplinary applications, such as accelerating scientific research through efficient digital prototyping, new geometry-derived insights for precision medicine, and discretizations for quantum and relativistic equations.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Saclay Centre
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CNRS,Institut Polytechnique de Paris


Team leader

Michael Barbosa

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