Computational AGility for internal flows sImulations and compaRisons with Experiments
Computational AGility for internal flows sImulations and compaRisons with Experiments

CAGIRE brings together since May 2016 researchers coming from different horizons and backgrounds (turbulence modelling, applied mathematics, experiment) who elaborated since 2011 a common vision of what should be the simulation tool of fluid dynamics of tomorrow. If not entirely application-driven, this project is based on the will for developing tools that could be useful in a way or another to the companies (big but also small !) that are active in the competitive fields of aviation/automotive propulsion and energy production. The targeted flows are (mostly) wall bounded and turbulent. As a consequence, they feature a multiplicity of time and scale fluctuations that renders their simulation extremely challenging. The team's motto is agility or equivalently a clever use of adaptativity in the developed simulation suite based on I) The capability of being run on any present or future new supercomputer in a way that fully benefits from the hardware evolution while limiting the painful and time consuming phase of machine adaptation by the recourse to an efficient runtime, ii) A high level of accuracy and robustness permitting the use on a large range of flow configurations: ranging from the generic lab scale geometry to that of a practical interest, iii) The capability of adapting on the fly the physical modelling by recourse to dynamic hybridization of the most relevant models of a given class with a focus on the turbulence modeling.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at the University of Bordeaux
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CNRS,Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour


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Sylvie Embolla

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