Changed on 13/04/2022
As part of Lille3000 "Utopia, nature in the city", on the City of Lille's initiative, Soreli and Inria are organising an event to discover the Biodimètre device, a real barometer of nature in the city!
Dispositif biodimètre

Biodimètre, a participative approach

Biodimètre is a participative device designed by Inria in collaboration with Soreli (developer of the eco-neighbourhood), which allows the inhabitants and visitors of the Rives de la Haute-Deûle to collect data on the fauna and flora, thanks to a mobile application.

This data, supplemented by a set of sensors scattered in the water and air, will then be processed by Inria in a scientific approach.

Biodimètre is therefore a means of collecting data on biodiversity and of informing and raising the awareness of citizens on these crucial issues.

A hedgehog spotted in the Allee des Saules? A great tit in Lovelace Square? It's up to you to locate them in the app!


The Biodimètre App is available for Android and IOS, and can be downloaded here.

Programme :

  • Discover Biodimètre in Interface, the showroom of Inria Lille. You will be able to see the data already collected since it was launched in 2020.
  • A walk through the Rives de la Haute-Deûle eco-neighbourhood, guided by the City of Lille's ecologist, to learn more about the area' s preserved ecosystems, the actions implemented and their impact on biodiversity preservation.

Free event, registration needed.

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