Artificial Evolution and Computational Biology
Artificial Evolution and Computational Biology

The expanded name for the Beagle research group is "Artificial Evolution and Computational Biology". Our aim is to position our research at the interface between biology and computer science and to contribute new results in biology by modeling biological systems. In other words we are making artifacts - from the Latin artis factum (an entity made by human art rather than by Nature) - and we explore them in order to understand Nature. Our research is based on an interdisciplinary scientic strategy: We are developing computer science formalisms and software for complex system modeling in synergy with multidisciplinary cooperations in the area of living sciences. Thanks to computational approaches we study abstractions of biological systems and processes in order to unravel the organizational principles of cellular systems.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Lyon Centre
In partnership with
Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon,Université Claude Bernard (Lyon 1),CNRS


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Claire Alexandre

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