Algorithms and Software Architectures for Distributed and HPC Platforms
Algorithms and Software Architectures for Distributed and HPC Platforms

The Avalon research team is a joint group between INRIA, CNRS, ENS Lyon, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and the University of Lyon. The long term goal of the Avalon team is to contribute to the design of programming models supporting a lot of architecture kinds, to implement it by mastering the various algorithmic issues involved, and by studying the impact on application-level algorithms. Ideally, an application should be written once; the complexity is to determine the adequate level of abstraction to provide a simple programming model to the developer while enabling efficient execution on a wide range of architectures.

The challenge is to design models, systems, and algorithms to execute applications on resources while ensuring user constraints (price, performance, etc.) as well as system administrator constraints (maximizing resource usage, minimizing energy consumption, etc.). The team focuses in particular in energy and data intensive application profiling and modelization, data management, component based application description, and application mapping and scheduling.

Theoretical results of the team are validated with simulations and real experiments on Grid'5000 or production platforms.

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Inria Lyon Centre
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Université Claude Bernard (Lyon 1),Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon,CNRS


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