The Associate Teams 2021 call for proposals is launched!

Changed on 07/09/2020
Associated Teams are an essential element of the institute’s international policy. This program is one of Inria's main tools for supporting bilateral scientific collaborations and promoting and strengthening its strategic partnerships abroad. Apply until October 7th 2020!
Associate Teams
© Inria / Photo C. Morel

Inria's Associate Teams


An Associate Team is a joint research project created between an Inria project-team and a research team from abroad. The two partners jointly define a scientific objective with a clear added value for each of them, a research plan and a program for bilateral exchanges.

Notably, the programme launches joint calls with the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research, the Chinese Academy of Science and the Ministry of Science and Technology  in Taïwan.

The Associate Team budget is dedicated to support :

  • exchanges between France and the partner country for researchers, engineers, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and interns.
  • the organization of joint workshops/working meetings.


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Objectives of the 2021 Program


Within the framework of the 2021 call, an Associate Team’s proposal must match one of the program objectives set out below.

  • Support one of Inria’s International Laboratories (IIL)
  • Develop a collaboration with one of our partners from the Joint Calls (Co-funded Associated Team’s)* 
  • Support our international partnerships :
    • LNCC in Brazil (signature of a partnership in 2020)
    • UCL in United Kingdom (signature of a partnership in 2019)
    • DFKI in Germany (signature of a partnership in 2020)
  • Development of  new collaborations:
    • South Korea, in particular with KAIST
    • Japan, in particular in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Robotics
    • Singapore, in particular Artificial Intelligence in its broad definition
    • RISE, in Sweden
    • Simula, in Norway
    • Skoltech, in Russia