Inria publishes a white paper on the Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Changed on 06/05/2024
What will the car of tomorrow look like? It will undoubtedly be a connected vehicle that will allow us to travel the world in complete autonomy. Numerous Inria teams, along with our academic and industrial partners, have been working on this subject in recent years. This white paper is the result of their reflections, their expectations and their hopes for mobility.
Véhicules, plateformes robotisées de l'équipe RITS
© Inria / Photo H. Raguet


The world of mobility is undergoing profound changes. The deployment of autonomous vehicles will not only transform our modes of transport, but above all have an impact on the evolution of society - in terms of safety, the environment, urban planning, etc. - and on the automotive industry itself, with new vehicles in which artificial intelligence will play a decisive role. To better understand this upheaval, it is necessary to understand what makes the autonomous and connected vehicle unique, the technological feats that the players in the sector must achieve, and the development of collaboration between public and private research.

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Download the white paper on autonomous vehicles (in French)