The VIrtual Us
The VIrtual Us

The VirtUs team main objective is to create and simulate immersive populated virtual spaces where both virtual and real humans coexist, with a sufficient level of realism so that the experience lived virtually and its results can be transposed to reality. Our research first explores techniques to compose shared virtual spaces: animation techniques to move characters in a realistic way, simulations of groups and crowds of characters and authoring tools for virtual scenes. A second part of our activity is dedicated to actually exploiting our immersive simulations to: extend our knowledge on how humans interact with their digital alter egos, acquire data to improve our computational models, and evaluate the level of realism of our simulations. The articulation between the simulation tools we create and their exploitation to further improve the simulations is a strong positioning factor for the team.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at Rennes University
In partnership with
Université Haute Bretagne (Rennes 2),Université de Rennes


Team leader

Gwenaelle Lannec

Team assistant