Types and Reasoning for the Web
Types and Reasoning for the Web

Tyrex is a research project team, affiliated with CNRS LIG, Inria, UGA, and Grenoble INP.

We work on the foundations of the next generation of data analytics and data-centric programming systems. These systems extend ideas from programming languages, artificial intelligence, data management systems, and theory. Data-intensive applications are increasingly more demanding in sophisticated algorithms to represent, store, query, process, analyse and interpret data. We build and study data-centric programming methods and systems at the core of artificial intelligence applications. Challenges include the robust and efficient processing of large amounts of structured, heterogeneous, and distributed data.

Centre(s) inria
In partnership with
Institut polytechnique de Grenoble,CNRS,Université de Grenoble Alpes


Team leader

Helen Pouchot-Rouge-Blanc

Team assistant