Scality becomes a partner of the Inria Foundation

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Changed on 01/07/2020
Scality, a leading provider of software solutions for global data orchestration and storage of files and objects, announced an investment in the Inria Foundation on 16 June.

Created in 2014, Scality has become a world leader in object and cloud storage. Scality offers cost-effective software-defined solutions, including Scality RING and the open source multi-Cloud data controller Scality Zenko. Scality builds the most powerful storage tools to make it easy to protect, search and manage data anytime, anywhere in the cloud. Scality gives customers the freedom and control to compete in a data-driven economy.

Founded in 2017 and repositioned in 2019, the Inria Foundation's vocation is to mobilize new financial resources to enable the institute to support bold projects that give meaning to digital.

Scality has been close to Inria for many years and is involved in several research projects. This project is studying a storage approach that would guarantee a distribution adapted to applications in order to develop more intelligent systems that aim to evolve.

Providing both financial support, carried out in the midst of a health crisis, and collaboration at the institute, Scality will help support multidisciplinary research and innovation initiatives. This includes mind-body health, precision agriculture, neurodegenerative diagnostics, privacy and more. This donation is a testament to a company's commitment to a more open internet.

Scality belongs to the French Tech 120

Launched in September 2019 by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, the French Tech 120 programme illustrates the French government's desire to "become the best possible support for the French Tech ecosystem". Scality is one of the companies considered to be among the most promising in the French ecosystem. The objective of #French Tech movement is to accompany the growth of these companies by simplifying their life, whether it is to facilitate their relations with the French administration, their recruitment or their access to international markets.

They talk about it

We're thrilled to be working with Scality. This collaboration brings together two major players in French technology to advance research and innovation on a global scale. Our values are very close to those of Scality: innovative research, social responsibility and open source. Indeed, our protected foundations encourage the distribution of open source software for sustainable development by bringing their user communities together in consortia, in recognition of the way in which software embodies the technical and scientific knowledge of humanity.

Jean-Baptiste Hennequin, Managing Director of the Inria Foundation

Being at the forefront of technological advances and research has been a priority for Scality since our inception and we currently hold 10 patents. It made sense for us to deepen our relationship with one of the most advanced AI and algorithm research institutes in the world. We believe that technology and digital sciences can provide answers to the problems facing our fractured global society. Inria's research teams are working on incredible projects that are changing lives through personalized medicine, precision agriculture, sustainable development, smart cities and mobility, security and privacy.

Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality and co-founder.

What is the Inria Foundation ?

Inria's partnership foundation seeks to meet today's scientific challenges in order to resolve the major issues facing tomorrow's society.

Its aim: to co-create ambitious programmes with its partners that will have an impact on society.

Its mission: to support initiatives for the common good.

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