The Rainbow team to meet with innovation enthusiasts at the Maker Faire in Rome

Publish on 22/01/2020
The Rainbow research team will be in attendance at the Maker Faire trade show, set to take place in Rome from 12th to 15th October. This will provide them with the perfect opportunity to showcase their research work on vision, industrial robotics and cobotics.
Maker Faire 2018

So what is Maker Faire ?

Beginning life in the USA in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Maker Faire is a global travelling event set up by the American magazine Make. This leading trade show brings together a diverse array of exhibitors: tech buffs, artists, craftspeople, educators, inventors, hobbyists, engineers, researchers, science clubs, authors, students and salespeople; all come to present their creations and to share their knowledge.

The Maker Faire in Rome will combine science, science fiction, technology, entertainment and the corporate world, the goal being to create an entirely new concept. 

The event will aim to meet the expectations of interested participants of all ages, as well as anyone else looking to get to know these makers and their inventions first-hand. The inventions they come up with are borne out of a desire to solve all kinds of everyday problems. At Maker Faire, you will have the opportunity to discover inventions relating to science and technology (3D printers, body devices, drones, robots and digital manufacturing), in addition to new creations in art, entertainment, crafts, culinary experiences and previously unseen attractions. More than 200 editions across 38 different countries bring together communities of enthusiasts, experts or beginners.

When research goes to meet these enthusiasts

Four members of the Rainbow research team (Fabien Spindler, Firas Abi Farraj, Marco Aggravi and Claudio Pacchierotti ), will present their own stand. They will present demonstrations with roots in their research work in order to illustrate applications relating to vision, industrial robotics and cobotics.

On Tuesday morning, three pallets of materials (two industrial robots, cameras, force feedback joysticks, computers) left for Rome.
On Saturday 13th October at 3pm at Pavilion 10 in the Aurelia room, Marco Aggravi will also participate at the conference “Drones beyond the hobby ”.