Radu Horaud, winner of an ERC 'Proof of Concept'

Changed on 26/03/2020
A step forward for the development and commercialisation of intelligent robots capable of multimodal and multiple communication with humans.

Radu Horaud's project, based on strong industry partnerships such as Samsung (SEC) and Softbank (SRE), convinced the jury by showcasing its numerous strengths:

  • The use of software and programs already developed and tested on the NAO and PEPPER robots.
  • A package of technologies that can be used on different types of humanoid robots.
  • A project responding to three booming markets with strong demand: the institutions market, the services market and the mass consumer market.
  • An answer to the growing needs of ageing populations, to whom these robots can provide a broad range of services.
  • A multidisciplinary team capable of addressing current technological challenges, following numerous tests already carried out in the previous 'VHIA' ERC.

The VHIA software package will be developed for a total amount of 149,866 Euros.

The aim of this programme is to enable one or several humanoid robots to recognise, in a multimodal manner, sounds and gestures in order to understand human socialisation situations.

It is a big challenge and by obtaining this European grant Radu Horaud's team has a head star