Quantum Information Processing and Communication
Quantum Information Processing and Communication

QURIOSITY’s ambition is to extend the application horizon of quantum information science by addressing novel questions positioned at the intersection between theoretical research in quantum information and the engineering of quantum devices, with a focus on approaches combining digital and quantum photonics technologies.

The overarching goal of the project-team will be to push forward our ability to harness and exploit high-dimensional complex quantum systems for quantum information processing and quantum communications purposes.

Leveraging a dual approach combining fundamental research in quantum information with quantum photonics expertise, QURIOSITY will strive to take advantage of and develop strong synergies with the unique quantum ecosystem of Saclay and to pursue objectives that have the potential to bring radical advances to several application domains of quantum technologies, ranging from cryptography to computing.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Saclay Centre
In partnership with
Institut Polytechnique de Paris


Romain Alleaume

Team leader

Natalia Alves

Team assistant