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Inria and AUF renew their partnership to strengthen their digital collaboration

Antoine Petit et Jean-Paul de Gaudemar

On Wednesday 17 January, Inria and the Francophone University Agency (AUF) signed a framework agreement to strengthen their collaboration in the digital field.

Antoine Petit, Inria CEO, and Jean-Paul de Gaudemar, chief education officer of the AUF (Francophone University Agency), have renewed their partnership agreement. For over 20 years, Inria and the AUF have been committed to the promotion of research in information and communication sciences and technologies (ICSTs) on the African continent. The AUF has, for many years now, been a trusted partner of the CARI conferences (African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics), together with Inria, the IRD (French Institute of Research for Development), CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) and CIMPA (French International Centre for Pure and Applied Mathematics). CARI is a conference that takes place every two years in an African country. It has now been in existence for 25 years and covers the fields of computer science and applied mathematics, with a strong emphasis on the issues of the African continent: precision agriculture, epidemiology, management of water resources, etc.

The framework agreement signed with the AUF concerns the following areas of intervention:

  • the emergence and consolidation of a digital community of Francophone actors on an international scale, through adding value to scientific interest groups in mathematics and computer science applied, in particular, to technologies, open source software and open content;
  • the circulation of the researchers' work through multilateral exchange within these themes;
  • partnership in training and research in mathematics and computer science;
  • digital scientific publication;
  • access to technological, educational and scientific solutions that are free to use, disseminate and adapt.

Keywords: Africa Valorisation Scientific mediation Open Access