A new era for the Inria Chile center

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Changed on 02/01/2020
Inria Chile continues its development in South America. In recent years, with Claude Puech at the helm, she has strengthened her network of contacts and has set up partnerships with investment structures to accelerate the creation of strategies in Chile. Appointed on September 1st as Director, Nayat Sanchez Pi intends to pursue this strategy and implement an ambitious settlement project that includes opening to French partners, the revitalization of the transfer policy and the establishment of a sustainable economic model.

Can you introduce yourself ?

I am from Cuba where I studied computer science at the University of Havana. Later, I obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Carlos III University in Madrid. My main research areas are artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, ambient intelligence and human-machine interactions. Since last September, my mission is to strengthen the development of Inria Chile

Nayat Sanchez-Pi

What are the main achievements of Inria Chile since its creation in 2012 ?

Thanks to Claude Puech, who led the creation and installation of Inria in Chile, Inria has successfully integrated into the ecosystem of research and innovation in Chile, which was initially a real challenge . We designed a dashboard and an integrated alarm system for Atacama's Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) system as well as a bus management platform for the Ministry of Transport. We also carried out projects related to the mining industry such as Dropwatcher, CIPTEMIN and Tranque.

How is Inria Chile perceived in Chile and more widely in South America ?

In Chile, we are known for being at the forefront of technology. That's why we have been chosen as preferred partners for ambitious technology projects. We are also known for the quality of our deliverables, our competitiveness and our impartiality.

What kind of collaborations have you put in place with the industrial sector and start-ups ?

We are actively exploring new forms of collaboration with the industry in the areas of machine learning, optimization, human-computer interaction, the Internet of Things, as well as in areas such as astronautics, mining, disaster resilience, clean energy, etc. We are also working closely with the Chilean public sector. Start-ups are also important and we have a program to promote entrepreneurship in Chile.

How do you see the development of Inria Chile ?

At present, our main goal is to consolidate our activities beyond 2022. We meet this challenge by tackling in-depth projects involving higher levels of knowledge and expertise, trying to strengthen our collaboration with Inria teams, strengthening our links with Chilean researchers and entrepreneurs, and expanding our contacts with local branches of French companies. We wish to make Inria Chile a base of operations for French companies and start-ups wishing to set up in Latin America.

Inria Chile therefore aims to become a gateway for French start-ups in South America ?

We are structuring a program to help new French companies, both logistically and technically, to set up operations in Chile. Chile is full of opportunities and offers a flexible and fertile environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The industrialization and commercialization of Inria Chile's innovations are among your priorities ?

We are actively campaigning to get involved in high-impact projects in areas such as mining. So we have expanded our portfolio of partners. We attach particular importance to attracting entrepreneurs to Inria Chile.

Is this the best way for you to build a sustainable business model ?

We need to develop synergistic actions to produce short- and long-term results and reinforce the resonance between universities, businesses and startups. As a public institution, our commitment to society must not only focus on scientific and technological results, but also articulate them in the most fair, transparent and conscious way possible.

What are the future projects of Inria Chile ?

We are expanding our portfolio of projects in the fields of astroinformatics, data management, machine learning, energy and logistics, among others. I prefer to announce them once we have secured them 100%. Stay tuned for updates!