International Cybersecurity Forum

28–30 January 2020
Location :
Lille Grand Palais

1 Boulevard des Cités Unies , 59777 Lille

Changed on 24/01/2020
Dedicated to exchanges of views and professional meetings, the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) has become the leading European event on cybersecurity security and digital trust. Its originality is to mix a forum to foster reflection and exchanges among the European cybersecurity ecosystem and a trade fair for buyers and suppliers of cybersecurity solutions to meet and network.
Cybersécurité FIC 2020

Key figures of the last edition

  • 10 000 visitors
  • + 20% of international guests
  • 80 countries
  • 91% satisfaction rate

Objectives of the FIC

  • TO OPEN UP THE CYBERSECURITY DEBATE by bringing together digital transformation players, risk management specialists, security experts, architects, developers, lawyers…
  • To speed up the development of a EUROPEAN CYBERSECURITY MARKET.
  • TO PROMOTE innovation in the service of digital trust
  • TO FOSTER a holistic approach of cybersecurity to support organizations in their digital transformation.
  • TO PROMOTE a combined « top down » and « bottom-up » up approach to cybersecurity
  • TO CREATE SYNERGIES between the different ecosystems by building bridges between the private and public sectors, between industry and the academia, and between roles and « trades »

Putting Human Beings at the heart of cybersecurity

What if users were not only a threat, but rather one of the answers to the challenges posed by cybersecurity?

Instead of 'zero trust' architectures based on 'distrust by default', it would certainly be more effective –and cheaper– to put users in a central position, to turn them into real cybersecurity players within their organisation. However, this approach would require to rethink the 'Human-Machine' interactions, to make security more intuitive, and to integrate the 'security by default' requirement into processes and uses. In other words, to give priority to the 'user experience'...

The goal is certainly not to oppose Human Beings and technology! On the contrary, the aim is to make the most of both: on the one hand, users whose awareness has been raised and who have been empowered will not try to systematically bypass security rules; on the other hand, more 'empathic' technologies would better adapt to users' needs and put more emphasis on data security, as close as possible to users.Inria au FIC 2020.

For the 5th time, Inria will be participating in this event alongside its partner Allistene (D50 stand). Inria occupies a significant position in the French landscape, with almost 25% of French academic activity in cybersecurity undertaken within Inria project teams alongside its partners (CNRS, universities and engineering schools). 


Inria at the FIC 2020

In total, Inria is set to present 5 demonstrations during the 3-day forum, the subjects of which can be found below.


  • SCUBA: Automated Security Analysis of Connected Objects

28th January: 1pm and 3.30pm

29th January: 10am, 2pm and 4.30pm

30 January: 10am and 1pm

  • HardBlare : a dedicated co-processor for Information Flow Tracking

28th January: 1.30pm and 4pm

29th January: 10.30am, 2.30pm and 5pm

30 January: 10.30am and 1.30pm

  • Secure software updates over the network on microcontrollers with RIOT

28th January: 2pm and 4.30pm

29th January: 11am, 3pm and 5.30pm

30 January: 12pm and 3pm

  • Towards New International Cryptographic Standards

28th January: 2.30pm and 5pm

29th January: 11.30am, 3.30pm and 6pm

30 January: 11am and 2pm

  • ZeroKit, a tool to investigative cybersecurity cases

28th January: 3pm and 5.30pm

29th January: 12pm, 4pm and 6.30pm

30 January: 11.30am and 2.30pm


Bruno Sportisse will participate in a round table on the 30th January, 4pm to 5.30 pm: “What technological and industrial agenda should Europe implement to achieve digital sovereignty?”


The FIC is co-organised by LA GENDARMERIE NATIONALE and CEIS with the support of LA RÉGION HAUTS-DE-FRANCE.

Find more information on the demos presented