hackAtech: hacking digital technologies to kick-start the creation of deep tech start-ups

Changed on 23/03/2020
As part of the Inria Startup Studio programme to promote deep tech start-ups in the digital sector, the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research centre is launching the first ever hackAtech, a digital innovation marathon. The event will run from 5 to 7 March, 2020, at the Palais de la Bourse - Chamber of Commerce, Lille.
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What's hackAtech?

hackAtech is a cross between a Startup Weekend and a technology hackathon. It's a new kind of innovation event that is set to run over two and a half days. What makes it special is that it offers people from different backgrounds – project initiators, digital engineers, business people and students – the chance to develop deep tech start-up projects by drawing on digital science research while working alongside Inria scientists. What sets deep tech start-ups apart is that they have undergone a long period of R&D which gives them a technological edge over competitors.

What's hackAtech for?

The goal is to promote the creation of start-ups in the Hauts-de-France region in northern France by strengthening the technology of existing projects and kick-starting the creation of new ones. The start-ups will derive from the digital technologies and expertise developed by Inria, as well as from the business needs defined by our partners Decathlon and OVH.

A 54-hour sprint … and the beginning of an adventure!

Ideation workshops were organised beforehand at regional innovation events to identify business needs and imagine possible uses for the technologies. The events raised awareness within the ecosystem and participants now have until 17 February, 2020 to sign up for hackAtech.

Participants have until 30 January, 2020 to put forward a start-up project in connection with one of Inria's technologies or areas of expertise, or they can join a team on the first evening of the hackAtech sprint.

Over the 54 hours, participants will not only be able to demonstrate the technical feasibility of their project and utility of exploring its scientific aspects further, but also carry out the initial phases of market validation.

The winning projects will receive support from Inria Startup Studio and the event's partners.

An event within Inria's start-up strategy

This Lille initiative is earmarked to be rolled out in the other Inria centres and forms part of Inria's start-up strategy. Inria has acquired unique expert knowledge in aiding and supporting tech start-up projects, having set up and tracked more than 170 start-ups. The goal for Inria is to support more than 100 digital deep tech start-up projects every year by 2023. The focal point of the programme is the creation of Inria Startup Studio to co-design entrepreneurial projects backed by publicly-funded digital research. These projects are based in the major research university campuses where Inria is present.

170 start-ups created and supported to date in multiple areas, including robotics, data science and artificial intelligence, as well as in different sectors, such as healthcare, retail and transport.

100 deep tech start-up projects supported every year – Inria objective for 2023

Take part in hackAtech

Project initiators and participants interested in setting up innovative deep tech projects can find information and learn how to sign up here: https://hackatechlille.inria.fr

In collaboration with: Hauts-de-France regional council, I-SITE Université Lille Nord-Europe, University of Lille, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Centrale Lille school of engineering, Métropole Européenne de Lille, EuraTechnologies and BPIfrance.

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