Inria and its partners invite you to the FIC 2022

7–9 June 2022
Location :
Lille Grand Palais

1 Boulevard des Cités Unies , 59777 Lille

Changed on 08/06/2022
From 7 to 9 June 2022, the International Cybersecurity Forum ( FIC) will be back for another edition at Lille Grand Palais. This event of European dimension brings together all the players in the field of cybersecurity and digital trust and offers them a framework for discussion and reflection on these issues.
FIC 2022


On the occasion of the FIC 2022, Inria and its partners, as part of the Allistene Alliance, are presenting a selection of their research projects and giving a spotlight to startups that are meeting the challenges of digital security.

"Cybersecurity is a key theme for the Inria research institute, as shown by our strong involvement in the creation of the Cyber Campus inaugurated at the beginning of the year. In this project, Inria is responsible for implementing the transfer programme on behalf of the entire academic community and in close collaboration with ANSSI. Our ambition is to contribute to an effective impact of research in the economy, by involving public research players with cybersecurity companies to enable them to lift the technological barriers they encounter. Ludovic Mé, Deputy Scientific Director for Cybersecurity.

Among the major scientific challenges in cybersecurity, Inria places particular emphasis on research into post-quantum cryptography.

"The arrival of a generation of functional quantum computers seems to be on the horizon, so the risk of new attacks that undermine much of today's cryptography is real. Researchers are working to define new encryption primitives based on mathematical problems that a quantum computer would not be able to solve efficiently. Ludovic Mé, Deputy Scientific Director for Cybersecurity.

Research also has a role to play in improving security tools. Among the objectives: to better protect public administrations and businesses alike, and to more easily detect today's cyber attacks and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Focus on: Cybersecurity

About the Allistene Alliance

Allistene is the alliance of digital sciences and technologies; it accompanies the economic and social changes linked to the diffusion of digital technologies. The aim of the alliance is to coordinate the various players in digital science and technology research in order to draw up a coherent and ambitious research and technological development programme. It allows the identification of common scientific and technological priorities and the strengthening of partnerships between public operators (universities, schools, institutes), while creating new synergies with companies.

About FIC 2022

  • An exhibition area of 20,000 m2 with more than 450 stands and presentation areas (FIC Talks, demos),
  • A forum area, with numerous amphitheatres and rooms, offering round tables, keynotes and conferences,
  • 480 speakers,
  • 4 plenary sessions
  • 37 round tables

Masterclass on intelligent attacks in wireless networks

Speaker : Valeria Loscri
9 June at 4pm, in the FIC Masterclass area

Summary :

The "Bring Your Own Device - BYOD" paradigm means that more and more people are using their laptops and personal connected devices both at work and at home. While on the one hand this paradigm brings clear advantages in terms of flexibility, it becomes "fertile ground" for cyber attacks. In this context of "everything connected", which has enabled the evolution of the Internet of Things, Machine Learning has become a predominant technology to exploit, to improve the ability of communication systems to adapt to different conditions that may evolve in time and space, with minimal human intervention.

In this masterclass Valeria Loscri will present the research activities that her team is carrying out in two directions:

  • Exploiting machine learning to create intelligent attacks and expose vulnerabilities in wireless communication protocols,
  • The design of new methods of identifying attackers and approaches to geo-locating attacks.