Eliott Sarrey, high school winner of the Google Science Fair, intern in the Neurosys team

Changed on 14/01/2021
The Neurosys team has been welcoming Eliott Sarrey, a robotics enthusiast and winner of the Google Science Fair Incubator Award.
Eliott Sarrey


The Neurosys team has been welcoming Eliott Sarrey for the past three weeks, a young high school student who will join the S - Engineering Sciences final year class at Loritz High School next September. At 17, Eliott is an ordinary teenager... well, almost! At 14, he crossed the Atlantic to Google headquarters in San Francisco, where he was awarded the "incubator prize" of the Google Science Fair, for having created Bot2Karot, a garden robot controlled by a smartphone, able to take pots, dig the earth and water plants. A prize for students aged 13 to 15 who present an extraordinary project in the field of science.

Eliott defines himself as passionate and touches everything. This year, he designed Merry, a chimney sweep robot (in reference to Mary Poppins and Merry Christmas), as part of his TPE.

Within the Neurosys team, with Mélanie Jouaiti and Patrick Henaff, his internship consisted in designing and activating a robotic hand. Promising works, which should be taken up again at the beginning of the academic year by a student. When you ask him what he'll do when he grows up? No particular project at the moment! After high school, prep class and then engineering school. Then we'll see...

Bot2Karot (play video from 5:50)