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Changed on 21/02/2023

Like many other fields, healthcare benefits from the ubiquity of information technology, which provides storage, computing power and connectivity at all levels. The growing availability of digitized data, more or less structured, combined with the increase in computing power, has enabled the widespread deployment of analysis methods, such as the popularization of machine learning, which is a branch of artificial intelligence.

As a continuation of the Inria Covid-19 mission, which contributed to the launch and support of more than 35 projects, and in parallel with the construction of the national digital health strategy, Inria has set up the Digital Health Programme in 2021.

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Associated national strategy: Digital health

National coordinator Digital Health Programme: Philippe Gesnouin

Structural public funding:

  • Digital health PEPR

Preferred national partner organisations: INSERM, CNRS, CEA

Preferred partner universities: University of Paris Cité, UPS, UCA, UGA, University of Rennes, University of Lille, University de Bordeaux, PSL, UNISTRA,… + participations IHU Strasbourg, Bordeaux, ICM

Large-scale projects in support of public policies:

  • Steering of the TousAntiCovid consortium, in support of the DGS
    Cofounder of the Health Data Hub
  • Portfolio of the 35 Mission Inria Covid (2020-2021) projects
  • Bernoulli Lab, with the AP-HP
  • Framework agreement with the HCL

Totem locations: PariSanté Campus, Hôtel-Dieu (with the AP-HP)

Infrastructures technologiques clés :

  • Logiciels phares (Sofa, MedInria, Shanoir, Vidjil, Monolix)
  • Plate-forme Gazelle (test intéropérabilité, à présent opéré par une PME française)
  • Membre du GIP CAD (Plan France Médecine Génomique 2025)

Major industrial infrastructures:

  • 3DS (Meditwin project with 3DS and the IHU on digital twins)
  • Theranexus (joint project team)

Examples of startup projects supported in Inria Startup Studio:

  • Anaestassit (Augmented cardiovascular monitoring for anaesthesia through digital modelling)
  • Qairnel (Accelerating effective treatments for patients with neurodegenerative diseases)
  • Pulse Audition (Smart hearing glasses for the hearing impaired)

European dimension:

  • Founding member of EIT Health
  • Ongoing interactions with DG Connect on the next Human Digital Twin calls

International dimension:

  • VPH Institute (Building the Virtual Physiological Human)

Training actions:

  • CMA Participation
  • Business Line « Digital Health» of Inria Academy
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