Digital and Education Programme

Changed on 28/02/2023

The programme was launched in 2021 in a context of profound transformation of the education system: the Education and Digital Acceleration Strategy, the ORE law "Orientation et Réussite des Étudiants" (Orientation and Student Success), the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, and, at the European level, the Digital Education plan 2021-2027 or Horizon Europe.

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National coordinator of Digital and Education Programme: Muriel Brunet

Associated national strategy: Digital and Education

Structural public funding:

  • PEPR Education and Digital



Projects related to education and digital technology are multiplying, but there is currently no real internal community structured around these subjects. It is up to us to organise it, to set up and structure a transversality between research and innovation through our Education and Digital Programme, to benefit from each other's knowledge and to take up the challenges of the sector together, whether they are related to the mastery of technical skills, the development of critical thinking, digital confidence or digital sovereignty.


Muriel Brunet


National coordinator of Digital and Education Programme

Preferred national partner organisations: CNRS

Preferred partner universities: AMU, UPS, University of Lorraine…

Large-scale projects in support of public policies:

  • MENJ partnership for the "Chiche! 1 scientist, 1 class" project (launch in 2020)
  • MESR/DGESIP partnership for "Campus connectés/Horizons numériques" (through the Inria Foundation)
  • "10 000 filles (girls)" project with Femmes@Numérique, CIGREF, SIF, Inria Foundation, etc., currently being launched
  • Digital training schemes for teachers, education managers and school directors

Major industrial infrastructures:

  • Candyce project for a sovereign open source infrastructure for learning in and through digital technology from school to higher education, with an observatory of uses, based on Jupyterlab, currently being set up
  • Education data platform (in support of MENJ/DNE)

Major industrial partnerships:

  • In the governance of the Prometheus-x association in the framework of the Data space education and competences of GAIA-X

Examples of startup projects supported in Inria Startup Studio:

  • Co-Idea, Gazouyi

European dimension:

  • Candyce as the basis for a standardised European infrastructure for training and connection with Gaia-X for the recuperation of data from Candyce
  • Erasmus + AI4T project (Artificial Intelligence for Teachers) / MENJ

International dimension:

  • Leadership pour la formation dans l’écosystème éducatif de l’environnement Jupyter

Training actions:

  • Inria MOOC: Privacy, Artificial Intelligence with intelligence, Environmental impact of digital, SNT and NSI training

Digital equality training modules for scientific mediation.


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