Code-based Cryptology, Symmetric Cryptology and Quantum Information
Code-based Cryptology, Symmetric Cryptology and Quantum Information

The research work within the project-team is mostly devoted to the design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms, in the classical or in the quantum setting. It is especially motivated by the fact that the current situation of cryptography is rather fragile: many of the available symmetric and asymmetric primitives have been either threatened by recent progress in cryptanalysis or by the possible invention of a large quantum computer. Most of our work mixes fundamental aspects and practical aspects of information protection (cryptanalysis, design of algorithms, implementations). In particular we devise

  • new cryptanalysis, classical or quantum, in symmetric and asymmetric cryptography,
  • new designs of classical symmetric and asymmetric primitives or quantum primitives that are resistant against a classical and quantum adversary,
  • and work on practical aspects in cryptography, e.g. lightweight constructions and implementation, more fundamental issues, either on discrete mathematics or on quantum information.
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Christelle Guiziou

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Christelle Rosello

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