Ambitious partnerships with industry in France and Europe

Changed on 19/04/2021

The institute is developing ambitious research partnerships with both major manufacturers and smaller companies, the majority of which are based either in France or elsewhere in Europe. These partnerships are pushing at the frontiers of research and helping to promote risk-taking.

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Inria has a long tradition of industrial partnerships, primarily with companies creating jobs in France and elsewhere in Europe. These partnerships make it easier for companies to access technology from research centres, while helping to promote the emergence of new solutions, products and services. They also contribute to revitalising the industrial base in the digital sector, and preparing its future. The partnerships are backed up by agreements involving several Inria project teams or joint laboratories set up with companies: Inria Joint Labs, Inria Innovation Labs and Labcoms.

  • Inria Joint Labs are exclusively for major groups and are the setting for synergy between public and private research, the goal being to innovate and create value: using results from research, exploring new applications and new problems.
  • Inria Innovation Labs are more specifically for SMEs and intermediate-sized companies, with collaborations more focused on a quick transition to the market. Inria technology combines with industrial expertise in a co-investment framework.
  • Labcoms are targeted at SMEs scaled up by the French National Research Agency. Since the concept was launched 6 years ago, nearly 130 Labcoms have been created.

Long-term bilateral partnerships

Partnerships with major industrial groups take the form of framework agreements, with both sides working together to develop research programmes based on themes put forward by the manufacturer, before building research projects from these programmes, bringing together engineers from the company and Inria researchers. A steering committee and a scientific committee are set up in each case in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the collaboration.

From science to industry

There are a number of initiatives in place for the transfer of technology between research teams and industry. These provide support for companies looking to innovate, while boosting economic development at a regional level.

Institut Carnot

Inria’s Carnot label

Inria was awarded a “Carnot Institute” label in 2011. This strong, ongoing commitment underscores the close ties the institute has to the world of industry.

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Strategic partnerships for maximum integration

Inria plays an active role in the technological development of some ten or so major industrial groups operating within France, through an initiative geared towards generating innovation tailored to specific needs.

Become a partner

Technology and innovation are both central to the development of your company. Entering into a partnership with Inria can help accelerate your R&D. Our business managers will outline the various different partnership and collaboration options offered by the institute.

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